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Inflation, and oil, and flights, oh my! Here's why airlines can pass on some additional costs to travelers
Consumers, keen to make up for lost time during COVID, are ignoring soaring inflation, high oil prices, and pricier airfares to travel this summer.

Delta is cutting 100 daily flights this summer. Here's what to know if yours if one of them.
Delta says the impacted flights will mostly be in the U.S. and Latin America. Passengers will be notified via text or email, the airline said.

I feel the need for speed: How to make sure your hotel's Wi-Fi is fast enough
Today, having a robust Wi-Fi connection at a hotel is as important as having strong coffee in the morning. Here's how to make sure you get it.

Traveling for Memorial Day? Here's when to avoid hitting the road, according to experts
Experts expect lots of traffic this holiday weekend. Here's when to travel and when to avoid hitting the road.

Traveling for Memorial Day weekend? Here's how much gas cost, and when you should fill up
More people are expected to be traveling for Memorial Day weekend, but gas prices continue to be on the rise. Here's how much you'll pay at the pump.

I saved more than 6 hours using Disney Genie+ at Disney World. Here's why it's worth it.
Whether you buy Disney Genie+ or wait in standby lines for rides, you're going to pay either way – in time or money.