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World's strangest-looking airplane? New Airbus 'Beluga' takes flight
Airbus’s oddly shaped jet – named for its resemblance to the whale of the same name – will replace an older 'Beluga' model being phased out by Airbus.      

National parks to beat the heat this summer
To keep cool in the natural beauty, think in terms of three key characteristics: altitude, latitude and water.      

Sip, stroll and snack: 10 must-try food tours in North America
Travelers love to eat and see the sights.

Yorktown sheds olde light on modern gun debate
At the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, you can get a handle on what the Founding Fathers had in mind when drafting the Bill of Rights.      

Swanky rooftop bars are new hotel craze
Rooftop bars are a staple of summer. Hotels are at the forefront now, using their rooftops to give guests and locals cocktails and great views.      

Abandoned America: An amusement park devastated by Hurricane Katrina
Photographer Matthew Christopher visited Six Flags New Orleans, a theme park so devastated by Hurricane Katrina it couldn't be restored.      

Summer is high season for these six (avoidable) travel scams
Here are some of the most common travel scams out there, and what you can do to avoid being taken advantage of.      

HangTime coaster review: Knott's Berry Farm leaves you hanging
The ride straight up the veritcal lift hill is disarming, but it's what happens at the apex of the lift hill that truly makes HangTime unique.      

Scenes from the 2018 Farnborough Airshow
For aviation enthusiasts, the show is a fantastic place to check out some of the industry's newest aircraft. See what you missed at the 2018 event.      

Charming Main Streets (and main streets) in each state
These streets have remained quaint and lovely through the years, and harken back to a simpler time.