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From the Empty Quarter in Oman to Easter Island: 10 remote places to find peace and quiet
In our always-on, interconnected world, it's hard to find a place to unwind. These spiritual spots and nature preserves are ideal places for escape.      

Presidential homes: Famous residences of the commanders in chief
Presidential residences often say more about the president than their official libraries or museums.      

Airlines to begin adding new gender option for 'non-binary' flyers
Some U.S. airlines are on track to add a new gender option for “non-binary” passengers amid evolving best-practices suggestions for the industry.      

Everything you ever wanted to know and more about the plane cockpits
While they look confusing to the layperson the pilots know exactly what each one does and how it is to be used.      

Cheap Caribbean: Best islands for budget vacations
A week of sun and sand may be priceless for your mental health (and your tan), but you don’t need to pay a fortune to get it.      

50 states, 50 dates: Romantic ideas around the USA
Need a fun local idea, or just want to get away with your loved one? We've got 50 ideas for you.      

High fees and short tempers: What happened to respect in travel?
Travelers say the industry has lost respect for them. Maybe the feeling is mutual.      

Norwegian Air adds new Athens, Barcelona routes; fares from $159
With the new Athens and Barcelona service, Norwegian will offer nearly 60 combined nonstop routes to Europe from 17 different U.S. airports.      

No more A380s? Why Airbus' bet on 'superjumbo' jets failed
It’s official: Airbus will pull the plug on its A380 double-decker jet. The latest A380 is now expected to roll off the assembly line in 2021.      

Scenes from the tallest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa
Scenes from the tallest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa